Trailblazers in Technology: ‘I left a steady job to build a start-up in an attic while I was pregnant’

Áine Kerr and Mark Little

Áine Kerr was interviewed by Image Magazine as part of their series on women working in business and technology. In the interview, Áine talks about becoming a mother for the first time, leaving Facebook, starting a startup while pregnant, and more.

“I don’t believe in this word balance, but I do believe in the idea of ruthless prioritisation every day, and that was a big learning for me in Facebook. When you move from traditional journalism – you’re always chasing – you go into Storyful for five years – a scrappy start-up that became this incredible company – then you go into Facebook – the biggest platform in the world with 30,000 people – and then back to an attic in Merrion Square with 12 people.”